Find New Business Premises in a Few Easy Steps

Finding the right business premises is a major part of starting, growing or moving your business. It will boost your productivity, in a short amount of time you will get a reputation and in the same time, you will attract new clients and employees.

Choose the area

Considering this matter, you should target an area that has the largest number of potential customers. You should make their job easier regarding finding you. It is an essential thing for retail business. Research your competition, find if they are located near you and will they influence your productivity and profit. Transportation is another important matter to consider, will your customers and employees be able to reach you easily.


More central locations have larger rental costs compared to areas that are still under construction and development. On the other hand, if you choose a more remote location, your costs will be significantly lower, but that can have other consequences on your business and your employees. Considering that public transportation is one of the most expensive things in the UK, it can have a negative effect on your business. It all depends on how much money you can set aside for renting.

Size of the premises

You need to decide how much space you need. It will depend on the number of employees you intend to hire and whether you need storage space. You can save on space if you opt for flexible offices, but you need to make sure not to disturb the working environment of your employees.

Think about comfort

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Is it important to have a comfortable or functional premises? Or what kind of image you are trying to present? It also depends on the size of your business. Large companies often rent big spaces where they want to have fully functional offices, but also provide services on demand. Another thing to consider is heating and electric power. Darker offices will make your employees less productive and buzzed with negative energy. Also, will you require other facilities, such as kitchen or bathroom?

Think about the future

Many business owners tend to underestimate the growth of their companies. And shortly, they will need bigger premises. If you think that your business has a good chance to grow in the future, maybe it’s best to rent bigger premises than to risk having to move your employees and equipment twice. Alternatively opt for serviced offices that have a flexible option where they allow you to change the amount of workspace you rent monthly so you can grow and contract as your projects and client base dictates thus saving a lot of money and allowing you to run a very agile business.